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FIAT® Vehicles: The Right Tools for the Job

No one can deny that Chrysler Group LLC makes a number of hardworking vehicles. One need only look to the Ram 1500 or Dodge Durango for examples of extraordinary craftsmanship in this arena.

But we know too that, as important as payload and towing numbers are on some jobsites, they are not valued as highly in all vocations. We know, for instance, that some small business owners value agility and pure, unadulterated, attention-getting styling too, especially those whose day-to-day routines have them maneuvering constantly down busy city streets.

For these professionals, the FIAT® 500 is not just the stylish choice—it might also be the most economically sound. Credit that to an extremely reasonable MSRP, excellent fuel economy and a number of On the Job™ Incentives granting you up to $1,500 in total savings.

You can learn more about On The Job Incentives by visiting the Chrysler Commercial Vehicle website. But in the meantime, please read more about the FIAT 500 lineup and how one—or several—of these stylish vehicles can be a big benefit to your business, despite (or perhaps because of) their diminutive size.

FIAT 500

What do you get when you combine 31 MPG city* with a friendly MSRP and then top it off with an unforgettable, heading-turning look? You get the FIAT 500, a vehicle that sets itself apart from the competition in many categories, not the least of which is restaurant meal delivery. Choose from 15 exterior colors or, better yet, have your FIAT 500 Pop or Lounge (just two of four trim levels) wrapped with your business’s logo—a graphics allowance toward vehicle wrapping is one more benefit offered with the On The Job Incentives program.

FIAT 500c

The FIAT 500c showcases all the same perks as the FIAT 500 Pop—clean exterior styling, dynamic performance, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art Safety & Security features, just to name a few. The one clear difference is the retractable roof, sure to bring a smile to the face of any client or potential customer you’re chauffeuring about town. The FIAT 500c is the perfect vehicle for hip, young (and young-at-heart) real estate agents working with their same demographic of clientele.

FIAT 500e

The FIAT USA website says it best: “Because we love design as much as the Earth, we present an All-New, all-electric vehicle from the FIAT® brand. The 100% battery-operated FIAT® 500e that yields zero tailpipe emissions without compromising style. Ugliness is, after all, the worst pollution of all. And so, Italian styling, instant torque, strong and smooth acceleration and more aerodynamic bodywork result in this environmentally sexy citizen.” An industry-best 108 MPGe^ certainly adds to the appeal.


How do you get more room without sacrificing the style of the FIAT 500? Simple. Invest in a FIAT 500L, an “urban utility vehicle” with more doors, more room for passengers, more interior space and, maybe most important, all the potential in the world. It takes little imagination to list a number of professions for which FIAT 500L is perfectly suited—real estate agent, insurance salesperson, interior designer, entrepreneur, and on and on and on.

FIAT 500 Abarth

With all the style and benefits of the standard FIAT 500 (see above) but with increased performance capabilities, the FIAT 500 Abarth is, to put it simply, the perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs who spend hours on the road each day and also want the most from their driving experience.

Again, you can learn more about On The Job Incentives and other useful programs for small business by visiting www.chryslercommercialvehicles.com. For even more information on FIAT vehicles, please visit www.fiatusa.com.

*EPA estimates with 1.4L engine, premium gasoline and 5-speed manual transmission. Actual mileage may vary.
^EPA estimated MPG of gasoline equivalent (MPGe). Actual mileage may vary.

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