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Chrysler 300 | Portraits of Proud Video Series, Part 2

Starting, running and maintaining a small business can sometimes be a lonely endeavor. Long hours at work mean fewer hours at home and, even with tremendously supportive family and friends, it’s possible few people in your life will fully understand the challenges you face – the fear of failure, the doubt, the exhaustion.

What sustains many an entrepreneur through hard times is knowing that success could be just around the corner, and that all your hard work will soon pay off like it has for so many other deserving individuals.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to bring you more videos in the Chrysler Portraits of Proud series. While the first three videos focused on public figures, these three celebrate the work ethic and experience of entrepreneurs you may not yet know, but who paint a good picture – a portrait, as it were – of what it looks like when the hard work begins to pay off. Please enjoy.

Portraits of Proud | Independence

Description: Independence is essential for entrepreneurs getting into the game. These self-starters discuss putting their noses to the grindstone and the defining moment that ignited their passion in this episode of the Chrysler Portraits of Proud series.

Portraits of Proud | Taking Risks

Every opportunity is a risk. And fortune favors the bold. In the latest episode of the Chrysler Portraits of Proud series, our entrepreneurs talk about the leaps of faith and gutsy decisions that kicked off their current successes.

Portraits of Proud | Lessons Learned

Description: When it comes to problem solving, every decision defines the future. Our entrepreneurs discuss the idea of “failing forward” and taking obstacles as inspiration in this episode of the Chrysler Portraits of Proud series.

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