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The Ram 2500 vs. F-250 | Five Short Videos, One Big Conclusion

Sometimes the best way to prove a point is with short, 15-second videos. Take the five videos below. What they lack in duration the make up for in impact, succinctly highlighting various and important ways the Ram 2500 outperforms the competition.

In fact, there isn’t much we can say here that isn’t conveyed below. We can only recommend that you watch these videos for inspiration, then test drive a 2017 Ram 2500 to experience firsthand its maneuverability, capability and ride. (May we recommend something in a Laramie Longhorn®, perhaps?)

Ram 2500 vs. F-250 | Trailer Tow Challenge

Ram 2500 vs. F-250 | Garage Challenge

Ram 2500 vs. F-250 | Parking Challenge

Ram 2500 vs. F-250 | Obstacle Challenge

Ram 2500 vs. F-250 | Turning Radius Challenge

Schedule an appointment today at a BusinessLink dealership near you to being formulating your own conclusions about the Ram 2500.

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