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Behind the Badge with Dodge Law: A Donut Day Thank You

Knowing that simple gestures often have the most impact, the team from FCA Law Enforcement recently dropped by the West Bloomfield Police Department in West Bloomfield, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit), with a surprise appreciation breakfast for the hardworking law enforcement officers and staff.

The goal in part was to do something nice for law enforcement personnel during National Police Week and in anticipation of National Donut Day. (Because who doesn’t love a surprise breakfast of donuts, bagels and coffee?) But mostly it was just another way to show our gratitude and to say thank you personally to the brave men and women who do so much to keep us safe. Please enjoy this video from that day.

Surprise Breakfast: West Bloomfield Police Department

Description: With donuts, bagels and coffee in tow, the team from FCA Law Enforcement stops by the West Bloomfield Police Department in West Bloomfield, Michigan, to show their appreciation for everything that law enforcement officers do in and for the community.

Breakfast is one thing. A more substantial show of our appreciation is the Officer Protection Package, which now comes free in every new Dodge Charger Pursuit purchased for service by a police department or agency. Learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/2nO6kM6

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