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The FIAT® 500 and Big Deal Small Businesses

We understand of course that the “small” in small business refers most commonly to the number of employees in a company, its yearly revenue, the size of the office in which it operates or some other metric that’s easily calculable and, at a glance, pales in comparison to those of larger regional, national or even global operations.

On a deeper level, there is truly nothing small about any endeavor that requires long hours, intense dedication and sustained focus and yet also offers the possibility of great reward in terms of personal satisfaction and independence. It’s a big deal to run a small business, in other words.

To the same extent, the FIAT® 500 is in many respects a small car – squarely at home in the sub-compact vehicle segment in terms of wheelbase, curb weight and so on. And yet, as evident in the following video, there is much to be said about the outsized role it can play in the life of its owner, who in this particular case just happens to own a small business.

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