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Ram Trucks Go the Extra Mile & Then Some, Part 3: Keeping Score

A little friendly competition is good for everyone, the hardworking people who install scoreboards most of all.

Truth be told, you might not think very often about the football-field scoreboard down at your local high school, let alone the person who installed it. But as is so often the case, the job, though not always top of mind, is as important as any other, especially on Friday evenings in the fall when the home team takes the field.

For one scoreboard installer in particular, it’s not about running out the clock or running up the score, it’s about running up the miles on a reliable Ram truck. With more than 300,000 miles and counting, it would seem the game is far from over for this Ram 2500 and its owner. Please enjoy.

Long Live Ram | Owner Story | Matt’s Ram 2500 | 318,112 Miles

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