RAM Trucks Say “No DEF”

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Cutting costs isn’t the same as cutting corners. Small business owners know that in order to keep margins higher, they must take great care when making any purchasing decision, no matter how mundane it might seem. Chrysler Commercial Vehicles takes that mindset to heart with incentives and services to lower your vehicle ownership costs and ensure that we’re adding value to your business.

Our bread and butter are our vehicles. We do our best to offer features to save you money while giving you everything you need to run your small business. Take durable, capable RAM Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks, for example. We’ve already written about RAM Trucks’ safety and security that comes standard. With the available Cummins® Turbo Diesel engine, RAM HD Pickup Trucks will let you stay on the road longer. Why? Because they don’t use Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We like to call it “no DEF.”

Many diesel pickup trucks require the use of DEF in order to meet the EPA requirement for diesel emissions. For the entirety of that vehicle’s life, the owner has to consistently spend extra money and time on the truck. Not only does he or she have to refuel, but he or she also needs to refill the DEF tank. When it’s a business vehicle that we’re talking about, it comes down to throwing more money and time out of the window.

RAM Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks with the Cummins® Turbo Diesel use the exclusive NAC (NOx Adsorber Catalyst) system to meet the EPA requirement for diesel emissions. No DEF. No separate DEF tank. The NOx catalytic converter automatically filters harmful Nitrogen Oxides from the exhaust.

Here’s the bottom line: when your small business depends on your vehicle to run, do you really want to incur extra costs and waste time along the way?

We didn’t think so either. Learn more about commercial RAM HD Pickup Trucks with the Cummins® Turbo Diesel, say goodbye to DEF, and keep your business running.