3 Ways Connected Vehicle Data Can Improve Your Fleet

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Interested in enhancing your workforce? Telematics services like Free2Move offer ways to help improve your fleet through connected vehicle data. Properly equipped and eligible MY2018 and newer FCA US vehicles, including Ram1, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep—commercial and law enforcement models—are compatible with telematics technology.

We have three important reasons why connected vehicle data can improve your fleet. 

3. Increased Operational Efficiencies

Your fleet will be much easier to operate with telematics. Connected vehicle data allows you to track fleet vehicles through a real-time GPS. Geofencing is also available, allowing you to set specific location parameters and provide accurate status updates to customers.

Telematics doesn’t stop at tracking and mapping. Other information is available in the cloud, including PTO monitoring, carbon emissions and hundreds of different vehicle data parameters. You can even monitor fuel efficiency on each fleet vehicle to better coach heavy-footed drivers.

2. Reduced Downtime

A vehicle in the shop means fewer are in the field. Mechanical problems happen, but downtime isn’t good for any business. Thanks to vehicle diagnostics and maintenance reminders, telematics helps reduce service visits, keeping your fleet on the road longer. 

When significant mechanical issues are detectable, engine warning indicators will notify the driver and fleet owner. Thanks to this feature, you can optimize your fleet through prevention and diagnostics rather than waiting until the problem becomes extensive and costly.

1. Increased Driver Safety

Connected vehicle data allows you to monitor drivers better. Ensure responsible drivers by monitoring vehicle driver data such as speed, braking, acceleration and driver assistance activation. When accidents occur, real-time video footage is available to help navigate and analyze the situation.

Thanks to speed limit determination, you can monitor driver speed and set specific speed parameters for your fleet.  Use this data to determine which drivers practice safe driving and which may need more guidance.

Learn more about our partnership with Free2Move by visiting our website. If you’re in need of specific information that isn’t found on the website, please send an email to northamerica@free2move.com for more info.


1Ram Telematics not available for 2022 Ram ProMaster City models.

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