Heavy Duty How-To | Upfitting Ram Trucks with Ram Engineers

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If you’re in the upfit business there’s a good chance you’re already comfortable under the hood of a Ram truck. However, the Ram Trucks brand understands that with each subsequent model year, or each additional upfit design in your portfolio, new questions will arise.

To help answer your upfit questions, the Ram brand offers an extensive online Body Builder’s Guide and also maintains a direct phone line to our engineering department in Auburn Hills (manned by real people!). In an effort to lend further support, the Ram brand is supplementing existing resources with even more helpful information in the form of a video series featuring advice, tips and tricks from actual Ram brand engineers.

Below are the first seven videos in the series, with more videos and upfitter topics coming soon. If you have questions you’d like answered by a Ram brand engineer, please leave them in the comment section below. Enjoy!

Auxiliary Switches and Upfitter Wiring

Description: Ram brand engineer Chris Borczon discusses auxiliary switches in Ram pickup trucks and chassis cabs, focusing specifically on how auxiliary switches work, how to program and how to connect them.

Connecting LED Tail Lamps

Description: Ram brand engineer Chris Borczon explains how to install LED lights to the rear of the Ram Chassis Cab in this video from the Ram Trucks Commercial Vehicle Team.

Power Take-Off 101

Description: Ram brand engineer Chris Borczon discusses all things power take-off (PTO), i.e., the source of power for your upfit. Subtopics covered by Chris in this video include vehicle self-tests as well as programming, wiring and connecting hydraulics to the PTO.

Wiring Snowplow Lighting

Description: Ram System Integration Engineer Paul Wright demonstrates the proper way to connect and wire snowplow lighting on all Ram pickup and chassis cab trucks except the Power Wagon®. Also included in this video is a tip from Paul for accessing accessory power in your Ram truck.

Ambulance Prep Package

Ram engineer Brock Wienczewski discusses the Ram Chassis Cab Ambulance Prep Package. Specific aspects of the prep package covered in this video include the tie-in points for heating and cooling as well as the high-amp power point and the VSIM module.

Rear Park Assist Install/Operation

Description: Ram Trucks System Integration Engineer Paul Wright goes step-by-step through the assembly, installation and operation of the Ram brand’s rear park assist system.

Vehicle System Interface Module

Description: Welcome to VSIM 101. In this video from the Ram Commercial Vehicle Team, engineer Chris Borczan explains the vehicle system interface module, aka VSIM, an exclusive feature that allows for upfit functionality without the need to cut into existing wires.