Ram ProMaster City® | Customer Profiles: Alpha Graphics

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If you’re an aspiring country-music star, getting discovered takes more than great songs and the right look. Hard work is part of the equation, as is perseverance and even luck.

It also takes getting your name in places where people are going to see it. For that, musicians often turn to Alpha Graphics, a printing and marketing company in East Nashville, Tennessee.

While much of their work involves creating “show posters” for clients, the team at Alpha Graphics can produce – and deliver – all sorts of signage, from boxes of hand bills to large upright signs to pole banners requiring sixteen-foot ladders for installation.

Good thing for them their Ram ProMaster City® is as versatile as they are. Double-sliding rear doors and sedan-like handling are just two reasons they love their cargo van. Watch the video below to see what other features help them own the day.

Visit your local BusinessLink dealership to find out how a Ram ProMaster City Cargo van, or another versatile work vehicle from Ram Trucks can really make your business sing.